The analysis of time series allows us to recognise formerly unforeseeable trends and seasonal patterns and identify factors influencing business processes such as, market conditions, customers’ demographics and sales promotions. Revealing time series of complex systems allows us to provide our customers with more precise and reliable forecasting. We offer, among others, time series analysis and forecasting, econometrics, modelling, financial analysis and reports, management of database and data warehouse.

Our services help your business in the following areas:

  • Exploring and getting insight into market processes
  • Forecasting customer and market trends
  • Forecasting demand for products or services
  • Promotional analysis
  • Surveying demand for human and other resources
  • Grounding effective pricing decisions by price sensitivity surveys
  • Analysing investment opportunities
Time series

Both our lives and business world are snared by processes that are strongly dependent on when they take place. During the analysis, we combine significant time series and mathematical time series, with the help of which we can describe processes of time series.


Time series and its periods can be divided into parts and it can be identified whether they show an increasing, decreasing or stagnating trend.


In most time series periodical seasonality can be demonstrated. A well-known example is gas consumption, since seasons and months determine quantity of consumption.

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